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The whole of America cries too much…

It’s my first time at the winter Comiket and I’ll be there on the third day, so thank you for your support!
・“Scary Story That Happened at a Countryside High School” package
・Design Works of ↑
・IC card + Postcard
・2 T-shirts, really nice fabric
・The extra xeroxed history book (stories and settings that I couldn’t find a use for, Roman history, all about Aten, etc. etc.)
・And they come with a shopping bag!

Apart from the unrated bits, I will publish the game and the xeroxed book’s content online for free in the future. I hope you will all enjoy what I offer; that alone makes me happy!

Translation: don_amoeba, kurukurumaki
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IC card!

This is the IC card. I like that even the backing has a design on it.
I’ll be throwing in an extra postcard-sized calendar too.

As for the extra xeroxed-book about history, it’ll contain scenes like this about England and that about Spain, as well as odd history tidbits and pointless info about the characters. Those are the kind of contents you can expect.
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Translation: hikari_kaitou, don_amoeba
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Taking the opportunity to introduce gakukowa

The horror novel that I did illustrations for, “Schoolhouse Horror Story, Wednesday,” will be on sale soon, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about the game “Schoolhouse Horror Story”!

【Schoolhouse Horror Story】

It’s an unusual sort of horror visual novel style game in which you listen to the scary stories told by 6 individual narrators as part of the planning process for your high school’s newspaper; then something happens in the seventh one. It will include everything from grotesque horror stories to comedic scenarios.

The game it’s based on was originally released for the SNES. They’re now offering a paid download version for smartphones.

【Cast of Characters】

I drew the characters involved with VN GakuKowa. This is all of them. Click the picture to see a larger version.

Shindou Makoto

An older-brotherly third year whose way of speaking makes him sound a bit like a hoodlum.

・He looks dependable, but had a very chilly personality in the first version of GakuKowa.
・A good big brother in the PlayStation version.
・He’ll talk about how he likes sports, but then he’ll tell stories that put off everybody from playing them just so he can smirk at their reactions.

・Personally, I’m kind of on the fence about the SNES version of his character.
・Compared to ↑, VN version Shindou is more of a reliable, sporty boy.

Arai Shouji

A moody boy who doesn’t let others get too close. His scary stories sow trauma in the player’s heart

・In spite of the way he looks, he has friends in each location and possesses pretty impressive communication skills.
・He’s also a member of the soccer club.

Kazama Nozomu

A tall, nice guy who tells deathly boring stories (seriously, they’ll kill you). No one knows his true identity.

・He bums change off the main character, kidnaps people, tries to get married, tries to fit in, and the second he knows you’re not his friend, he attacks. He’s actually a pretty dangerous guy.

Hosoda Tomoharu

A large-boned character who tells only bathroom stories. He obsessively tries to make friends.

・Super cute

Iwashita Akemi

A black-haired beauty who tells stories about sordid relationships.

・The scary thing about her is that she uses the main character to screw with the player’s head. Even when you’re using game functions that should be safe…
・Basically, if this character doesn’t like you, terrible things will happen to you. But terrible things happen even if she likes you, so…

Fukuzawa Reiko

A girl who’s really in touch with trends and tells grotesque horror stories in a cheerful manner. According to the main character, she’s “a bit of a snob.”

Sakagami Shuichi

Bad things keep happening to this 156 cm (5’1) tall character thanks to the person above.

Hino Sempai

An upperclassman member of the newspaper club who always brings weird snacks. In most of the routes, he’s a wonderful character who’s good at taking care of others. The glasses he wears in the first graphic of the game are kinda huge.

It seems that he’s single in the VN era of the game.

…Wait a minute; all this stuff doesn’t explain anything, does it?

Translation: hikari_kaitou, lost_hitsu
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Hetalia anime 6th season is coming!

I believe some of you know this already, but the 6th season of the Hetalia Anime will be starting next year! Look forward to seeing the characters move around again!

Also the first volume of Hetalia World☆stars will come out on sale in February! I shall work hard on fixing previous chapters and drawing new material for the book!
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Translation: lost_hitsu
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The duplicated “sue” and a notice

In the previous strip “opening a country is tough”, I accidentally duplicated the word sue so I’ve fixed it. Sue

The next update of Hetalia World Stars in Shonen Jump+ will be on Saturday!
What is going on with Romano’s dream hangout?

Drafts of the legendary slave emperor and a cabbage emperor.
I think people in shackles like this look strong.

Translation: kurukurumaki
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