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15 May 2009 @ 06:31 pm
I recieved some CDs  

I recieved some CDs. I get kind of happy lining them all up!
The colorings are

Italy: Yellow-green
Germany: Gold & light brown
Japan: Sakura [a light pink] & greenish-brown

When you line them up they kind seem like colors you can eat.
The Allied ones are a little different so they don't really seem like edible colors.
I'm sorry I haven't been able to update much.
I'll at least answer some questions since I haven't done that in a while!

> Is Fischer a German (because of the last name)?

He's an American with German lineage.
He's a fisherman's son who was born and raised in Nantucket.

> How do you treat Rome's Vatican City within Hetalia?

The Vatican is an annoying old man that hangs around Italy, and he's been around since the beginning but I've never gotten a chance to let him appear.
My notebook is filled with sketches of Vatican's face!

> Is Norway a boy or a girl?

A boy. I draw him pretty slender.

> How can I buy Nihoroid?

He came out in the BC era so you might find him in an old warehouse stuck in a box full of dolls.

> Himaruya-san, are you feeling alright?

Yep, I'm feeling fine.
But ahh, my fingers! My fingers!

Also, thank you for your thoughts on Chibi-san!
Being able to be put in a magazine with such fine manga artists gives little ol' me a KO every time, so I try to practice drawing during breaks.
It'd be great if I could get at least a little better, but it won't be that easy!

Translation: nisecal
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