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12 August 2013 @ 09:32 pm
The Terrible Tutorial of Green Hair of Elea  

Things like worrying about Pochi-kun's largeness.

At this length it's said that if you don't tie it in the back.
The problem is that it will hit you in the face, but I will still do my best on the Sixth Volume and New Serialization!
I'm very thankful for your mailed-in impressions and support.

>Cherry Blossom Brush

You can create a brush if you have photoshop read something like this picture.
Please do so if you'd likee.

>At the time Romano's voice began to change
what sort of reaction did everyone around have??
I want to know how the feeling was compared to Veneziano's!

Being this sort of character, it probably would have splendidly passed with no fuss.

>Congratulations on the new serialization.
How is it that you do the new serialization's main girl's wavy hair?

Thank you very much!
It's got this feeling like jellyfish hair.

>There's not enough Taiwan-chan. . .!

Without a doubt a Taipei girl's chest of drawers absolutely must have florescent pink clothes inside!

>sharing an article I'd written about dogs and cats! [T/N: this is kind of off haha like I said, I'm out of practice]

Being that even I sometimes am worried about my cat, thank you very much to the person who wrote the article. . . .
I got a nice look while I was drawing. . . .

Translation: tarafishes
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