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06 May 2008 @ 11:37 pm
It's not over yet!  
I'll be continuing tomorrow but it's far from being over!

I'm currently putting together Prussia's history.
Looking at all the literature, I couldn't help but notice how
incredibly desperate he was at the time of the War of the Austrian succession.
Even seen from the sidelines, Prussia's method to strengthen his army was truly magnificent.

It is said that Austria built an empire without fighting
(this could be really considered great luck...),
but Prussia, probably because he came so late,
had no other choice but to fight bitterly for his greatness.

>The Frankish Kingdom that was later devided into three parts, is that what used to be little France? Or did it exist just like mama Greece and grandpa Rome, as a different character?

I still couldn't decide whether I want to make Francia appear or not,
but in case I do, France too would have something like a parental figure,
so maybe I should.

List of ancient nations

I'm trying to draw him like a retired playboy, but it's hard.
Loves alcohol and women and fights and delicious food,
and his hobby is to touch objects of art.
Can't resist a beautiful woman and is sometimes a bit scatterbrained, but he is still a very strong and reliable man.

A brave man who is said to had defeated Rome, although the truth is hard to find out.
A wild guy with long golden hair, racing through fields with an axe in one hand and bow with arrow in the other.
Has a taciturn but rough personality and dislikes Rome greatly.

Mama Greece:
Usually a beautiful woman of a very laid-back and easygoing nature.
Once the fight starts, she can be pretty frightening.
Her constant worry are the arguing fractions within her own country (Just like Japanese han clans that couldn't get along)

Egypt (mama):
A mysterious woman with a downright enigmatic aura.
Until these days captivating archaeologists all around the world.

A man carrying a distinctly oriental atmosphere that hates Byzantium. It was him who taught Hungary how to fight.
The fact that Hungary is using a rather male language is his influence too, as she was raised to be like him.
According to legends, he and Hun were siblings, but the details are unknown.

>>"I don't like this romance AVG for girls" That was the best!

Thank you very much.
Besides, there are many more, like the Arab Oil king or boss of a huge computer company from America.
It's a game where miss Shinogusa disguised as an old woman makes even men surrender.

Translation: lost_hitsu