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28 July 2012 @ 04:25 am

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This journal is to serve as a mirror blog to Hidekaz Himaruya's fc2 ブログのような竹林2号機. It is run by jammerlea and is part of the Hetalia File Archive.

Posts will be posted with their translation as it is available. Untranslated/partially translated posts will have the original Japanese. It collects translations from the Hetalia LJ community, the old Bamboo Thicket Mirror run by nisecal, and various other sources.

If you'd like to help translate, you can search for untranslated entries with the "needs translating" tag. Some entries may only need a title or short line translated. These entries may have character notes: http://hetalia.kitawiki.net/index.php?title=User:JammerLea/Sandbox

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21 May 2015 @ 09:11 pm

This is meant to be Iceland but it’s hard to get his hair right.

Translation: don_amoeba
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19 May 2015 @ 04:56 pm

【Southern Italy】

Romano was used to being cared for by Spain (and even when he wasn’t officially in his care, Spain still doted on him a lot during this time) so when he was suddenly told “go live with your brother! Huh? You say your cultures and ways of life are different? Oh, you’ll be fine! You’re both part of the Italian peninsula, after all!” and united with Northern Italy, he had a pretty rough time. And thus the curtain was raised on Romano’s struggle for international survival.

Spain made plans to build him some factories, but that kind of fell through and he fell behind on industrialization and modernization in general.

He found himself side-eying his younger brother beside him who was all “making cars is fun!” while he himself had no choice but to shut up and continue farming, in ways that are even more behind than the Roman Age depending on the provinces. Meanwhile, his younger brother was all up on modern farming techniques and was able to produce much larger quantities, so needless to say he didn’t make a whole lot of money at all.

And since Veneziano had been a separate country for so long, he couldn’t exactly intervene in Romano’s business so readily…

So basically, even though they now formed one Italy, it’s like the two brothers are playing a game of ‘four-legged’ race, and it’s hard to say whether they are close or not too close or distant to each other. Anyway, their relationship was a complicated one!!

【Netherlands is strong】

Thanks to the fact that the industrial revolution meant a lot of money was changing hands, Netherlands was able to achieve success in industries that weren’t affected by price wars and design wars, and he was industrializing reasonably well, all while making quite a profit with money lending and forward trading.
Netherlands also made some spectacular moves during the second industrial revolution. He’s really strong!

【Industrial Design】

Anglo-Japanese style came to existence when Japanese traditional arts were first imported and they were so inspiring that the sheer power of “we don’t understand much of the hopes and dreams for this distant nation, but Japan is definitely an otherworldly country that looks like this!” created the style. That’s why it was something that seemed kind of China-influenced, or like a Japanese (?) woman wearing some odd clothing, and basically a very interesting collection of works. It’s pretty funny.

Later, some actual Japanese craftsmen were included as members of England’s Design & Industries Association, and so mass production of seemingly Japanese but actually British products began.
In the end, the design that England eventually arrived at was…!


You’re amazing, Latvia.
You should be given a lot more credit.


Has a ridiculous amount of room to grow. What’s going on there?

Translation: hikari_kaitou, y4nderenka, don_amoeba
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09 May 2015 @ 10:41 pm

The Golden Week is here!!
↑ The author got a bit bold and painted this under the guidance of his friend.

Translation: don_amoeba
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06 April 2015 @ 12:19 pm

It’s been a while since my last update!

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Translation: don_amoeba
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06 April 2015 @ 11:36 am

So what did he do with the tulip bulbs after the bubble in tulip prices burst?
Did he plant them in his own garden?

He found people who’s likely to buy them and sold them.

【Tulip Fever】

17th century Netherlands.
There was a growing demand among the aristocracy for tulips.

Merchants unanimously thought “This is a good business opportunity!” and bought so many tulip bulbs that prices were driven up, causing a bubble economy.
And when the bubble burst, it affected many Dutch cities greatly and the economy was thrown into chaos ….

↑There are probably some of you who have heard this story before.
What really happened was that tulip bulb prices went back down to normal, and those with foresight benefited greatly from it while those who didn’t have a good sense of business or pricing did incur losses, but not to the point where the entire country’s economy was affected.

“Damn! The prices of tulips has crashed!”
“The Tulip superpower country, the Netherlands, has been defeated by tulips!!”

These types of jokes became so widespread that it was assumed that historically the decline of the Netherland’s power was due to tulips.

Although this kind of thing happens often in history, this was on a much bigger scale.※

Incidentally, the extra tulips that were left over because of the bubble were sold to other countries,

“Tulips are really popular lately?! I should buy them too, so I don’t miss out on the trend!!”

and by selling tulips to these tulip fad enthusiasts, it became a very good way to acquire foreign currency.

Though of course there were also rare types, new varieties, and high class tulips that continued to be sold to the real deal at a reasonable price. That’s to be expected of the Netherlands.

…so does that mean that the only people who really lost money in the whole tulip price drop ordeal were those tulip fad fans?
Not exactly.

The Netherlands sold the tulips in the most efficient places, and successfully spread the tulip culture. True fans of tulips were able to acquire many new species of tulips during the craze, and those merchants who lost money during the crash were able to sell their leftover tulip bulbs at a slightly higher price abroad to those fad-loving fans. And those foreign fans who bought such expensive tulips were very satisfied with their purchases,
“There’s nobody else in this country but me who has such a new species! Such a great deal! Hehe!”

It was a win-win situation!

And so, that’s the tulip bubble for you.
For those caught up in it, it wasn’t as bad as everyone thinks.

I’m excited for the upcoming tulip season!

There’s been new research on the tulip bubble, but it’s very very recent, so there have been new discoveries little by little in the 21st century.

It is fact that there was a sudden tulip mania,
but the idea that the sudden drop in prices caused the Dutch economy to hit rock bottom, paralyzing all the cities and caused so much unemployment that they were engulfed in darkness… was very questionable.

Ah, but it does seem that there were records of some people who were engulfed in darkness like:

“Tu~lips? Not really sure what that is exactly, but it’s popular so might as well give it a try!”

and were sold lots of non-tulip bulbs or fake bulbs, and lost all their money and assets that way.
It’s like trying to defeat the Final Boss when you are unequipped (level 1), that’s so reckless…!

Speaking of which, coins from the Roman times are also sold abroad at rip-off prices.
For example, a coin that you can buy at 120 euros may be selling for 8000 euros, depending on the store.
Prices can differ a lot depending on the condition of the coin, but even if it’s a coin with good condition, if a coin of that particular emperor is commonly found, it shouldn’t cost that much…!
That kinda thing happens… Take Nero-chan, you can get your hands on his coin at a relatively cheap price.

Emperors that were famous and ruled for a long time produced lots of coins during their reign, so you can often acquire them cheaply.
If their reign was very short, even if they weren’t a famous emperor, the coins are surprisingly expensive.

Translation: kurukurumaki, don_amoeba
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28 March 2015 @ 01:36 am
[T/N: The title is in reference to the 90s Japanese video game magazine “GAMEST” which was infamous for its typos and one of them was ‘uppercut’ (アッパーカット) misspelled as ‘upporcut’ (ウッポーカット).’]

It’s Romano with an unusual facial expression, but since I’ve changed it a little I’m uploading this one here.

You should get along better with your brother too! Just like me, I have a beautiful relationship with my brothers!

Nah that’s not what he’s saying.


Translation: don_amoeba
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24 March 2015 @ 08:48 pm
>The reason Estonia is such a hottie

I just kept drawing nothing but glass jars…
In Japanese, they are all called “bin”,
but in English you have “bottle" and "jar”.
Do you know which ones of these are bottles and which ones are jars?

The answer: The ones with a wide opening are jars.

Translation: don_amoeba
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22 March 2015 @ 09:53 pm

Translation: don_amoeba
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